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Dr. Laura Durham

Welcome and thank you for choosing us to take care of your child/children's dental needs.

Dr. Laura and our staff work very hard to ensure that you and your child have the most pleasant visit possible at every appointment. If you would like to fill out the paperwork ahead of your appointment time, please see the "New Patient Forms" tab.

We look forward to seeing you and building relationships with you and your child/children.



Here are some ways you, as a parent/guardian, can get your child ready to come see us:

You can explain to your child that the dentist is a friend that has a job helping people with their smiles. Telling them that that the dentist will look into your child’s mouth, count their teeth and clean them with a special, tickling toothbrush and might take some pictures of their teeth and mouth will help them feel more comfortable. We find that it’s best not to tell children that their visit to the dentist won’t hurt, because that thought may have not occurred to them at all. Instead, you can assure your child that the dentist will be very gentle and will take good care of them and is here to help. Telling your child that "mommy and daddy love going to the dentist" is also great for children to hear before their first appointment.